Open Solutions Group, Inc. (OpenSGI) leads the industry in providing high performance data delivery and geospatial visualization. GeoCache empowers organizations with mission critical imagery and spatial data in a fraction of a second.

We provide solutions that alleviate common challenges with geospatial data visualization – the delivery of fast maps over low bandwidth environments. Limited network bandwidth, inadequate system resources, and heavy geospatial middleware inhibits the ability to deliver high resolution imagery rapidly and efficiently.

GeoCache provides instant access to over 40 Terabytes of high resolution geospatial data and imagery.

Worldwide Coverage

GeoCache ships with over 40 Terabytes of worldwide geospatial data, pre-processed for high speed delivery of maps over the web. The global dataset includes satellite and aerial imagery, scanned maps, vector datasets, and more.

• Satellite & Aerial Imagery
• Vector Maps
• OpenStreetMap (OSM)
• Scanned Maps
• Digital Elevation Models
• Custom Geoprocessing
& Datasets

Seamless Integration

GeoCache effortlessly serves millions of map images, providing an enterprise solution for mission critical operations.

GeoCache natively supports streaming of geospatial data for both web and desktop applications including:

• ESRI ArcGIS Desktop
• ESRI ArcGIS Server Applications
• Google Earth
• OGC Web Map Viewers
• COMET & OpenLayers
• FalconView
• FortiusOne GeoIQ
• Support for Adobe Flex
& Microsoft Silverlight

Traditional geospatial systems and architectures create dynamic maps over the web by traversing through a series of application servers, map servers, and database servers. A request to generate a single map image, for a single map viewer, can take upwards of 20 seconds in some environments due to single-threaded middleware, deprived system resources, poor architecture design, and network latency.

X = Performance Bottleneck

GeoCache eliminates the bottlenecks that plague most traditional geospatial architectures. Over a billion map images are available for immediate delivery to the user’s desktop for analysis.

GeoCache Summary

• 40 Terabytes of Global Cache coverage including CIB, VMAP, CADRG, DTED, NaturalVue, OpenStreetMap, custom datasets and more.

• Datasets natively served as Web Map Service (WMS), Tile Map Service (TMS), Keyhole Markup Language (KML), and more.

• Native support for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI ArcGIS Server Applications, Google Earth, OGC Web Map Viewers, COMET, FalconView, FortiusOne GeoIQ, Adobe Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight.

• Now Available as a Standalone Appliance, on Network Attached Storage (NAS), or as a Hosted Service

Build a Custom Solution for Your Enterprise

After processing billions of map images, we have the expertise and infrastructure to help you quickly build a custom GeoCache that meets your business and operational requirements.

Our team will prepare cached datasets from your custom data sources such as satellite imagery, digital elevation models, and vector data layers over areas of interest that are specific to your operational needs.

For more information regarding GeoCache please contact us directly at (703) 752-6135 or

We specialize in delivery of lightning fast maps. Find out how Open Solutions Group is supporting the Department of Defense with our enterprise geospatial web cache.