Open Innovation. Open Solutions.

Open Solutions Group Inc.
is an information technology consulting enterprise located in Northern Virginia and Southern California. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most cost effective and cutting edge information technology solutions through open innovation and industry collaboration.

We provide a unique offering of services focused within Geospatial Information Systems, Location Intelligence, and Data Visualization. Our staff has over 25 years of experience providing commercial and open source GIS solutions and integration services.

We recognize that technology is continuously evolving. At Open Solutions Group, innovation begins with our creative and visionary minds. We define innovation as the ability to successfully invent new ideas, processes, and solutions with a swift time to market and immediate dissemination to the masses. Our mission is to guide organizations and professionals in adopting new capabilities, emerging technologies, and open standards.

We believe that mass collaboration is the key to creating new trends and advancements in technology. Our firm is tightly coupled with leading providers of emerging technology and the organic communities which share our passion for excellence. Our ideas, technology, and solutions are turbocharged with the support from our ever-growing and visionary network.

We understand that as technology evolves, network and system resources are constant hurdles for our customers facing low bandwidth and memory intensive environments. We overcome these obstacles by providing high performing and feather-thin applications. Achieving optimum performance is essential for our customers operating in mission critical environments where national security and public safety is on the line.

Discover how GeoCache provides extensible, scalable, real-time computing for massive amounts of satellite imagery, vector maps, and open source data.